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Local Football Clubs provide value for money Website Design and Website Redesign. This is provided for small community Football Clubs, Football Academies and FA Chartered Standard Football clubs. We provide a free Football Club Directory for grassroots football clubs in the South East of England.

We provide these websites on a budget to suit your club’s needs. For Grassroots football clubs we can provide ad-hoc website support, updates and or maintenance at low costs.

Our aim is to provide suitable website resources and information, as to how your club or teams can flourish online. We provide Local Football Clubs with all the free advertising information and Marketing. This is to get exposure for your team, online in your local area.

Announcement: 2020/2021 Season Starts in September. Contact your local grassroots clubs today.

Our Mission & Vision

localfootballclubs.co.uk¬†Our mission at Local Football Clubs is to provide the correct information and resources to help your team get exposure online. Many local teams find it hard to get exposure and sponsorship because they aren’t being marketed properly.¬†

localfootballclubs.co.uk This will benefit your club without you spending loads of money on advertising, just to get your name known locally.  Remember, we are all volunteers in grassroots football, so anything for free is great for all in the club concerned.

localfootballclubs.co.uk¬†Local Football Clubs provide a positive vision to empower young people in sport. We hope that a positive experience through enjoying football can make, young people stay physically active.¬†If you follow our easy setup guide, you’ll know more about free marketing and free advertising.

Philosophy & Understanding in Football

localfootballclubs.co.uk Anything to promote the positive roles that our volunteers can have on young children, is great for the sport. Teaching young children the game of football, encouraging respect for opponents and referees is something we all should promote, for young people.

localfootballclubs.co.uk The FA have spent a lot of money promoting these values and understanding the game, with all the FA Registered coaches in grassroots football.

Setting up a Football Team

localfootballclubs.co.uk We have had a lot of people asking us how to set up a Football Team. This is quite easy to do but you will need to be a committed volunteer. 

localfootballclubs.co.uk¬†We hope that the information can provide you with easy steps, to get you started. The steps we’ll provide are general information for grassroots Football and Sunday league teams.

localfootballclubs.co.uk¬†If you’d like to know more, please click on the Setting up¬†a football club link. We have all the tips and information to get you started today.

localfootballclubs.co.uk¬†As this isn’t free to set up, we’ll expose all the fees, fines and setup costs that will help you progress to the next stage.

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Local Football Clubs

Youth Football

This typically starts off at 5 a side. As the children get older, they play in bigger pitches where more rules are enforced. The aim for young children in Football is to have fun and enjoyment.

Boys & Girls

At Grassroots level, teams are generally mixed. Both boys and girls can play together up until the age of 18. This promotes diversity and inclusion in grassroots football.


When teenagers play football into their late teens, they usually do this to keep physically fit. They also have the desire to play at a higher level, that’s why they continue to learn and improve.


Disability Football

Disability football has grown quite a lot and is supported by the FA. There are many leagues from the under 11’s to the adult league who play with players with similar impairments and age groups.

Personal Improvement

Personal Improvement in football can be achieved through hard work. Regular training will improve their skillset. Set your goals to improve your ability.

Technical Knowledge and Skills

Technical Training  is the next step for young players, trying to attain technical knowledge.  Technical knowledge enables players to become competent in the game.

Understanding the Rules

Understanding the rules of the game is such an important part, in any child’s development. Watching¬† the game is an important way to learn the rules.

Football Club History

localfootballclubs.co.uk The history of a Football Club is determined by its values. What does your club stand for? What is the future aim of your club? What type of community do you want to embrace? How many volunteers do you have? Are all parents and coaches enthusiastic about the long-term plans of your club? Diversity, Equality, Respect and Understanding are all promoted in youth team football.

localfootballclubs.co.uk Below is a list of values that we think Football Clubs at the grassroots level need to adapt and embrace. This is to gather local sponsorship and build local communities through the love of the game. Social Media Awareness is also a great way to gain, positive exposure for your club. 

localfootballclubs.co.uk¬†Grassroots Football would not be what it is today without the army of helpers, parents and volunteers who give up their free time. The FA have great initiatives like the Respect Campaign and Football For All, for everyone to understand it’s objectives. We encourage and recognise Disability,¬† Diversity, Equality and Gender. If you’d like to get a Local Football Club website for your team, please call or email us.


 Inclusion and Opportunity


Gives everyone a chance


For Referees and Players


duty of Care for children

localfootballclubs.co.uk Local Football Clubs and Grassroots Sponsorship

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